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Directed and Produced by Tim Kulikowski​

United States, 2012, 14 min, Short Documentary, In English


Discouraged as teenagers by the macho world of sports, a diverse group of transplanted gay men in San Francisco ultimately finds something more encompassing than a place to play soccer: camaraderie, extended family, political refuge and love.

The film unfolds around Jose, a gay asylum refugee from Venezuela; Topher, a middle class Bay Area twenty-something who was bullied and learns to persevere; Jay, a middle-aged Japanese-American from Honolulu who finds love amongst his soccer buds; Brian, a sensitive yet confident artist from small-town Ohio who befriends a Russian teammate and his family; Chris, a once-nervous kid from suburban New Jersey who finds a ‘normal’ life in San Francisco.


Themes include overcoming fear, the power of community, regaining self-confidence, mentoring, creating family, and of course, soccer!


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World Premiere Photos

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If you are interested in purchasing Beyond The Team, please contact the filmmaker via the Contact page. Be sure to indicate if for educational or home use.


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Copyright 2012-4 Tim Kulikowski. All rights reserved. 

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